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General privacy policy

  1. Processing of data for the purpose of mutual contract performance
1.1. For what purpose will your personal data be processe

Baumkirchen MK GmbH & Co. KG (hereinafter referred to as “Baumkirchen MK”) processes your personal data for the purpose of mutual contract performance, i.e. to implement marketing and, where applicable, send newsletters, to establish, perform and end any other orders you place with Baumkirchen MK, to maintain our account books and archives, and to implement the ancillary processes intrinsic to the commercial relationship between you and Baumkirchen MK

1.2. Source of the data

We obtain the data directly from you.

1.3. . On what legal basis are your personal data processed?

Where the processing of your personal data is necessary to fulfil the aforementioned purposes, contract performance (Art. 6 (1) (b) GDPR) forms the legal basis for the processing. Where data are processed beyond the extent necessary for contract performance and no separate declaration of consent has been given (Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR), applicable legal obligations (Art. 6 (1) (c) GDPR) or the legitimate interest of Baumkirchen MK (Art. 6 (1) (f) GDPR) in the data processing may form the legal basis for the processing of your data. Such legitimate interest particularly lies in the creation of sales statistics, direct advertising, the efficient organisation of the business processes of Baumkirchen MK, and customer care and retention.

1.4. To whom does Baumkirchen MK forward your personal data?

Baumkirchen MK uses the services of companies within the CA Immo Group to perform its contractual obligations. The data of customers and suppliers will only be disclosed to those departments and/or employees who require these data to fulfil contractual or statutory obligations and to safeguard legitimate interests (duty of supervision, reporting structures, network maintenance). The data are exchanged within the Group only to an extent which enables company management to carry out the operational management of business. Internal recipients include the Asset Management department of CA Immo and Corporate Communications. Data are also forwarded in the course of auditing. Data are forwarded to an external marketing partner. CA Immo has concluded a third-party data processing agreement with the external marketing partner in order to ensure the security of your data.

1.5.For how long does Baumkirchen MK store your personal data?

Baumkirchen MK generally stores your data for the duration of contract performance. In addition, Baumkirchen MK is subject to various duties to retain, according to which Baumkirchen MK must keep data on your person and on the contractual relationship beyond the termination of the contract, e.g. due to duties to retain under company law, and Baumkirchen MK stores your data for as long as there is a possibility of legal claims from our contractual relationship being asserted.

  1. 2.1.1 What rights do you have in connection with the processing of your personal data?

The General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) grants you certain rights as the data subject, of which we inform you below. Please note that these rights are complementary, i.e. that you are only able to demand either the correction or completion of your data, or their erasure.

2.1. Revocation of consent

In the event that Baumkirchen MK stores and processes your personal data on the basis of declarations of consent (Art. 6 (1) (a) GDPR), you are entitled to revoke your consent at any time. However, this does not affect the lawfulness of the data processing which has taken place up to the time of revocation.

2.2. Right to information

You may request information about the source, the categories, the duration of storage, the recipients and the purpose of the data Baumkirchen MK processes regarding your person, and about the type of their processing.

2.3. Right to correction and erasure

If Baumkirchen MK processes data relating to your person which are incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to request their correction or completion. Furthermore, you may request the erasure of any data which are processed unlawfully.

2.4. Right to restrict processing

Where it is not clear whether the data processed regarding your person are incorrect or incomplete or are processed unlawfully, you may demand that the processing of your data is restricted until this question is finally settled.

2.5. Right to object

Even if the data relating to your person are correct and complete and processed lawfully by Baumkirchen MK, you may object to the processing of such data. However, this only applies in special situations for which you have to provide justification. Furthermore, you may make use of your right to object to advertising.

2.6. Right to data portability

You may receive the data which Baumkirchen MK has processed regarding your person which Baumkirchen MK received directly from you in a machine-readable format determined by Baumkirchen MK, or instruct Baumkirchen MK to transfer these data directly to a third party chosen by you, provided the recipient makes this possible for Baumkirchen MK in technical terms and the data transfer neither entails unreasonable expense of effort nor conflicts with any statutory or other confidentiality duties or confidentiality considerations of Baumkirchen MK or third parties.

2.7. Right to complain

Finally, you have the right to complain to a data protection authority if you believe that the processing of the personal data relating to your person breaches the General Data Protection Regulation (Regulation (EU) 2016/679)

  1. Who can you contact to assert your rights as data subject?

To assert your aforementioned rights, please use the following email address to contact us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Even though Baumkirchen MK is at all times committed to ensuring the protection and integrity of your data, the possibility of differences of opinion cannot be excluded. If you believe that Baumkirchen MK does not use your data in a permissible manner, you may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authorities

Website privacy policy

Last change: 08.09.2021
When operating the website, the CA Immo Deutschland GmbH, Friedrich Ebert-Anlage- 35-37, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, (hereinafter shortly “We”) shall act as controller in terms of the GDPR.
By providing you with this Privacy Policy, We shall inform you about the extent to which We shall process personal data of you in the context of your visit to our website. Unless otherwise indicated in this Privacy Policy, We (or our processors) shall collect your personal data directly from you and shall not obtain them from third parties.
We are aware of the great significance of your data and shall thus, in principle, not transfer it to third countries and international organisations. If individual data processing operations are nonetheless related to any transfer of your data to a third country, We shall explicitly notify you thereof in this Privacy Policy and shall inform you about the measures We took to ensure the required level of protection of your data.
You shall not be obliged, in principle, to make your personal data available to us. Where a statutory or contractual obligation to provide your data exists or this is necessary to conclude a contract with us, this has been explicitly stated below. In this case, We shall also inform you about the potential consequences of the non-provisioning of your data.
We shall not use your data for any automated decision-making including profiling in terms of point (f) of Art. 13(2) and point (g) of Art. 14(2) GDPR.
Due to the advancement of our website or legal changes, it may become necessary to amend this Privacy Policy. The respective version published at this website shall apply.
Detailed information on the individual data processing operations can be found hereinafter.

1 Website Provisioning (Log Files & Hosting)
1.1 Data Processing Scope
1.2 Data Processing Purpose
1.3 Legal Basis
1.4 Retention Period
1.5 Recipients
2 Cookies & Tracking
2.1 Definition of Cookies
2.2 Functionally Necessary Cookies
2.2.1 Data Processing Purpose
2.2.2 Legal Basis
2.2.3 Data Types, Retention Period, Recipients
2.3 Modification of Your Cookie Settings
3. Your Rights
4. Contact

  1. Website Provisioning (Log Files & Hosting)
1.1. Data Processing scope

Each time our website is accessed, our system automatically collects data and information from the computer system of the accessing computer, with the following data being collected and retained in the log files of our system:

• the user’s IP address;
• http method and http version;
• access status / status code of the server responder;
• browser version;
• referrer URL (website from which the user’s system accesses our website);
• visitor’s user name (if logged in via system login; no logging of the user name if the user is logged into a web application having an own user management);
• request date and time and number of sent bytes;
• server responses;
• error codes

1.2. Data Processing Purpose

The temporary storage of the IP address by the system is necessary to allow for the website delivery to the user’s computer. To this end, the user’s IP address must remain stored for the duration of the session.
It shall be stored in log files to ensure the functionality of the website. Moreover, the data shall serve us to optimise the website and to ensure the security of our IT systems. The data shall not be evaluated for marketing purposes in this context.


1.3. Legal basis

The legal basis for the temporary retention of the data and log files shall be our legitimate interest under point (f) of Art. 6(1) GDPR. Our legitimate interest in the data processing shall be the achievement of the purposes outlined under point 1.2.

1.4. Retention Period

The data is stored in log files, but not processed. The log files are only looked at more closely in the event of an attack on the server. The log files are deleted after 14 days.
The data shall not be further retained in any form allowing to identify the data subject.

1.5. Recipients

We shall call on service providers to provide and, in particular, to technically handle our website who shall process your data by our order (called “Processors”). We shall make use of the following Processors:

• CA Immobilien Anlagen Aktiengesellschaft und CA Immo Deutschland GmbH
• Website-Provider; (Internet Access Center Düsseldorf, Höherweg 270, 40231 Düsseldorf)
• Design agency; (Steinlein Werbeagentur GmbH, Am Anger 4, 82237 Wörthsee)

In addition, your data shall be disseminated to the following recipients, where necessary and appropriate:

• authorities (e.g. Labour Inspectorate, municipal, district administration and federal authorities, tax office, police / public prosecutor’s office, corporate/land register, OePR etc);
• legal representatives and notaries;
• courts.

  1. cookies & Tracking
2.1. Definition of cookies

Cookies are small text files stored on your terminal (PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone). These text files are downloaded by your browser the first time you visit our website. If this website is accessed once again using the same terminal/browser, the cookie and the information saved in it are either sent back to the respective website having generated them (first-party cookie) or sent to a different website to which they appertain (third-party cookie). In this way, the website “recognises” that this is the same user and adapts the presentation of website contents. Cookies thus “remember” your preferences, communicate how you use a site and individually adapt the displayed offerings to some extent.

2.2. Functional cookies

2.2.1 Data Processing Purpose
We shall use one functionally necessary cookie on our website. When using functionally necessary cookies, We shall process your personal data in order to provide basic functions of our website and of the services desired by you as well as to temporarily save your cookie settings. Functional restrictions would arise if these cookies would not be used. The specific purpose of the individual cookie shall follow from the table below.

2.2.2 Legal Basis
The legal basis for the processing of your data when using the functionally necessary cookie shall be our legitimate interests in both the provisioning of a fully functional website and of the services desired by you and the temporary saving of your cookie settings (point (f) of Art. 6(1) GDPR).

2.2.3. Data Types, Retention Period, Recipients
The following functionally necessary cookies shall be used on our website:




Storage duration


owner of the website

storages the user's consent to the use of cookies

1 year

2.3. Modification of Your Cookie Setting

By making relevant browser settings, cookies will generally not be stored and/or cookies already stored will be deleted. You can block the storage of cookies in the first place or the storage of cookies by third-party providers and delete cookies already stored with all common browsers. If cookies are disabled for our website, it might no longer be possible to use all functions of the website in full.

  1. Your rights
As data subject, you shall have the following rights in relation to the processing of your personal data:

Right to Withdraw Consent
Where your data is processed based on your consent, you shall be entitled to withdraw your consent at any time. We shall no longer process this data in future as from receipt of your withdrawal. The withdrawal of consent shall not affect, however, the lawfulness of processing made up to the time of withdrawal.

Right of Access
You may demand access to the data processed on your person, in particular on the origin and categories of data processed, the retention period, the recipients to whom your personal data will be or were disclosed, the purpose or nature of processing. On demand, We shall provide you with a copy of your personal data processed by us.
We point out that no access is to be granted if this results in business or trade secrets of the controller or third parties being jeopardised.

Right to Rectification
If We process inaccurate or incomplete data on your person, you may demand its rectification or completion, even by giving a complementary notice.

Right to Erasure
You shall have the right to obtain from us erasure of personal data concerning you. We will gladly erase your data to the extent provided for by law (Art. 17 GDPR).
We point out that there shall be no right to erasure, in particular, if We must process the data to meet a legal obligation or in order to establish, exercise or defence legal claims.

Right to Restriction of Processing
Where it is not clear whether the data processed on your person is inaccurate or incomplete or processed unlawfully, you may obtain from us restriction of use of your personal data.

Right to Object
Even if the data on your person is accurate and complete and lawfully processed by us, you may object to the processing of this data in particular individual cases substantiated by you. You may also object if you receive direct marketing from us and do no longer want to it in future.

Right to Data Portability
If We process personal data you provided us of you, you may obtain from us transfer of this data to you in a machine-readable format under certain circumstances. You may also engage us to directly transfer this data to a third party selected by you, where this is technically feasible.

Right to Lodge a Complaint
Even if We make best efforts to ensure the protection and integrity of your data, disagreements about the way We use your data may not be ruled out. If you take the view that your data is processed in violation of the GDPR, you shall be free to both establish contact with our data protection coordination team and lodge a complaint with the Austrian data protection authority.

4. Contact
Regarding all of your concerns under data protection law, in particular to assert your rights, please contact in writing (by letter or e-mail) CA Immo Deutschland GmbH, Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 35-37, 60327 Frankfurt am Main. Alternatively, you may also directly address our data protection officer (dsb[at]