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CA Immo is the specialist for office properties in Central European capitals. The company covers the entire value chain in commercial real estate: rental and management, as well as project development, with a high degree of in-house construction expertise. The company, which was founded in 1987, is listed on the ATX of the Vienna Stock Exchange and has properties in Germany, Austria and Eastern Europe.

CA Immo Germany specializes in the development of mixed-used urban neighborhoods. Examples include Arnulfpark® in Munich, the Marina neighborhood in Regensburg, Europaviertel in Frankfurt, Zollhafen in Mainz, BelsenPark® in Dusseldorf and Europa City in Berlin. Among its best-known properties in Germany are Tower 185 in Frankfurt (designed and constructed as a Green Building), TOUR TOTAL in Berlin and SKYGARDEN in Munich.

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PATRIZIA Immobilien AG has been active as an investor and service provider in the real estate market for more than 30 years, with more than 800 employees in more than ten countries. PATRIZIA’s portfolio encompasses the purchase, management, value enhancement, and sale of residential and commercial properties. As a recognized business partner, the company works for both large institutional investors as well as private investors, both nationally and internationally, and covers the entire real estate value chain. Currently, the company manages real estate assets of approximately 15.5 billion euros, largely as a co-investor and portfolio manager for insurance companies, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and financial institutions. For more information, visit