Baumkirchen-Mitte set to get more homely

170 flats from the first phase of construction have been finished since June 2016: In late summer, removals vans and furniture suppliers crossed paths in front of the buildings on Hermann-Weinhauser-Straße, and while the stairwells were given their last finishing touches, doormats were already being laid outside people’s front doors. Most residents wasted no time setting up their private roof gardens with evident pride. Up here, on the sixth and seventh floor, it is possible to focus entirely on individually landscaping the open-air oasis adjoining each flat with an Alpine panorama – whether with lounge furniture or paddling pools, beer garden tables or designer furniture. In the raised beds, roses and lavender bloomed, while the first herbs and vegetables were ready for harvesting. Beside their own piece of rooftop garden, every house also has a communal roof area where a fruitful neighbourhood community is set to grow in the coming years.

The second and third construction phases are also progressing quickly. While all flats here have already been sold, there is still a chance to purchase one of the last 50 flats in the fourth and final construction phase!

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