NEO has been designed by the UNStudio architectural firm in Amsterdam. Ben van Berkel, Founder and Principal Architect, explains the main aspects of the planning concept:
1. What is the guiding architectural principle for NEO?
Our guiding principle is based on two components: from a programmatic perspective, the symbiosis of the various functions works as a catalyst for the entire neighborhood. Formally, the façade – with its offset horizontal bands – emphasizes the organic lines of the urban master plan and unites the various programs into a strong whole. These bands define the building in the urban context of Munich and – with the delicate details of the façade – result in a coherent picture. The bands react to the different orientations – a different offset towards the neighborhood, a strong icon towards the railway.
2. What requirements does the new world of work pose for offices?
Due to the ever more quickly changing world of work, completely new requirements for the architecture develop, where flexibility and variation become key factors. Concentrated individual work, brainstorming sessions and impromptu meetings are becoming part of the working culture and need spaces that can adapt to the situation.
3. What specific answers does NEO supply?
The design guarantees maximum flexibility for different user combinations on the floors. In addition, special areas are provided, offering space for encounters and creativity. A wide variety of areas, ranging from common ones to private and intimate ones, gives the office users the ability to use the rooms in accordance with their needs. 
In addition, the ground floor provides a clear address for Baumkirchner Straße and – with the integrated mobility concept – is an obvious business card for the building.